Most Handsome Disney Prince Charming

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Despite the fact that they are animated characters, there are circumstances that people fantasize about them because they are charming and handsome, and believe me, it’s hard to find them in the real world nowadays. If you are looking for a young guy who would sweep you away from your feet, then Disney movies is the one you should watch because they are full of them and these are the best of them.

Meet The Man Of Your Dreams

  • Philip – from Sleeping Beauty, this charming prince doesn’t only have a lovely voice that blends perfectly with princess Aurora, but he is also very gallant and brave to the point that he is willing to fight the witch alone
  • Flynn Rider – Despite being a thief at first, he was soon captured by the natural kindness and personality of Rapunzel. He might not be the ideal guy in your first impression, but, the things he did for her is more than what others can do

  • Prince Charming – it might be surprising that this is the name of Cinderella’s lover, but it’s a good thing that he loves her too much that he really searched the whole kingdom just to look for the person who owns the glass slipper.